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Philippines keeps on growing about 20% year-on-year as a contents creation base for Western organizations!

CYOLAB has a subsidiary in one of the booming cities in the Philippines, Cebu, and produces different innovative contents. Up to now, we have responded to the call for challenge of Western companies by utilizing our high English proficiency and state-of-the-art design skills. As a result, we have been profoundly associated with the latest creative trends and technologies. By utilizing these experiences, knowledge and skills, we have upheld content generation across countries, including local and foreign games, general contractors, furniture manufacturers, architectural and other design offices.

Creative business

Creative production


In Japan, the scarcity of human resource and the rising labor costs continue as the population declines, making it difficult to outsource creative production at low cost. We have been helping creative production for Japanese companies in the Philippines, where young workforce is expanding. We provide the experience and skills cultivated through these operations as creative production services at prices that are 1/3 to 1/5 of the Japanese market.

Creative works in the Philippines


Philippines, the production base, rapidly fuses the latest creative trends in the global market by leveraging the high English proficiency, as the official language. Notwithstanding, acquiring the latest tools and skills, we also bolster imaginative advancement in global expansion and localization. There are numerous production works, such as, BIM, 3D demonstrating, video generation, VFX, CG viewpoint, ongoing liveliness, VR content.

Introduction of services



Transform 2D drawings and construction drawings into 3D models in BIM under numerous Level of Development (LOD) specifications.


3D modeling

Leverage powerful modeling tools to generate objects and 3D ideas.


Video production

Render dynamic clips and promotional videos using live-action and computer graphics.


3D perspective production

We provide a holistic image of the space such as a showroom or event booth by converting a conventional 2D drawing to a vivid perspective view.



We will support you with making unique conceptual or abstract ideas that can be transmitted viably using computer graphics and animation.


VR content production

We craft concrete VR content for videos, VR support for 3D graphics, and content creation for VR, which has been an increasing demand in recent years.


UI design production

Create smart UI designs that emphasize user experience (UX), such as smartphone apps, websites, and logos.



Perform video pre-processing and post-processing using the latest technology.



We bring still pictures to life using modern trends in 2D animation, 3D animation, and motion graphic.

Our base in the Philippines Sprobe Inc. Creative Portfolio Site

Our strength

Speed and quality

Our team makes use of diverse modern design tools and technologies to deliver the best results with speed and precision.


Promote effective communication with the help of our support team in Tokyo working in collaboration with Japanese staff in Cebu.


We will provide you with a lucrative price that can only be achieved in the Philippines because of the talented young workforce in response to soaring domestic labor costs.


We provide highly customized services that utilize the skills and tools that best suit your needs.


We can rapidly fuse the world's most advanced creative trends and recommend best solutions

Creatives in the most strategic location - Cebu, Philippines

Strong Affinity Toward Japan

The fact that Philippines is the number one country in the world in the 2018 country pro-Japanese degree ranking, it is easy to build a relationship of trust with Japanese people. All the staff in Cebu, Philippines, are kind, accommodating, and they value the harmony of the team, making it ideal for long-term collaboration.

Only 1 Hour Time Difference With Japan

With only 1 hour time difference between Japan and Philippines, meetings and discussions can easily be done in real time allowing smooth business flow.

We have extensive knowledge on latest creative trends

Leveraging our high proficiency in English, we learn the cutting-edge creative trends promptly
Japanese staff in Cebu bridges the communication between Japanese clients and native designers. This enables us to achieve more cost-effective projects.

Compatible with the latest technologies and tools

Major support tools
Revit / AutoCAD / Civil 3D / InfraWorks / Navisworks Manage / 3ds Max / Maya / Smoke / Flame
Adobe CC 2019
Photoshop / Illustrator / After Effects / Premiere / Flash
Unreal Engine / Twin Motion
Corona Renderer / VRay Renderer / Sony Vegas / Magix Vegas Pro / MAXON CINEMA 4D / Marvelous Designer / SideFX Houdini / Bounding Box Materialize
Other compatible tools
Krita / Gimp / Scribus / Inkscape / Corel Draw Photopaint / Corel Draw  / Graphics Suite / Synfig / OpenToonz / Maefloresta / Pencil 2D / Moho (Anime Studio Pro) / ToonBoom Harmony / CelAction 2D / The Foundry Modo / Substance Paint /Designer / Daz Studio / Blender / Pixologic Sculptris / Pixologic Zbrush / Inria Natron / Vicon Boujou / Imagineer System MochaPro / Da Vinci Resolve / SilhouetteFX / Quixel Mixer / Black Magic Fusion / Flowbox


VR technology has drawn much attention during the recent years with the advancement of IT technology.
CYOLAB can deliver VR content for experiential production in shortest possible time.
We are creating idea brainstorming layouts such as showrooms, events and exhibitions, and creating experiential VR content for training and development.

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