CYOLAB PTE. LTD. which is headquartered in Singapore is now offering digital marketing services as part of its wide range of business solutions. CYOLAB has been in the business of IT software development outsourcing, accounting and creative design BPO, and cloud platform solution mainly catering to customers in the ASEAN region and Japan.

In recent years, CYOLAB’s business expansion has included establishment of accounting BPO services providing accounting operation outsourcing such as bookkeeping and monthly account closing, and creative design BPO services for outsourcing of 3D graphics design, BIM and video production in collaboration with general construction comapanies and design offices. With the know-how and experience acquired from these BPO businesses, CYOLAB has started its digital marketing business to support and apply digital marketing in businesses.

CYOLAB’s digital marketing business provides services that incorporate user’s perspective in projects under its development, such as website and mobile app development by participating in those projects from a user’s point of view. For revamping of existing services, proposals for digital marketing approach will be based on past user behavior data. And for new services, CYOLAB will provide support by participating as part of the team with a user perspective view from the planning stage of the service.

In addition, CYOLAB will continue to support the service operation even after the development phase to help customers achieve their goal for their services. An example would be for websites using Google Analytics, CYOLAB can analyze user behavior to improve the site’s response rate and, if necessary, review and revise the entire marketing model used. CYOLAB can also provide operational support to improve traffic to services that utilize digital marketing advertisements.

CYOLAB’s subsidiary in Cebu Philippines, Sprobe Inc., has also been continuously promoting digital marketing in the Philippines since 2018 in collaboration with Web Analytics Consultants Association of Japan.

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We will continue to enhance our services and strive to further expand our IT outsourcing development business to provide solutions to development and human resource challenges.